EVO-Butarom improves intestinal health of the livestock and is able to:

• harmonise the intestinal microflora
• reduce diarrhoea
• improve the feed conversion
• improve feed intake
• support intestinal health

The positive effects of EVO-Butarom are:

Butyric acid is a natural product of carbohydrate digestion. It is the main component of EVO-Butarom and its positive effects have been proven by several scientific studies. EVO-Butarom improves intestinal health as it inhibits gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli or Salmonella. Therefore it is able to reduce bacteria-induced diarrhoea. Furthermore, butyric acid is the most important energy source for the microvilli and thus it leads to an increased production of mucosa, resulting in improved nutrient absorption. In addition to these effects, butyric acid is a very familiar smell for young piglets and it is therefore able to increase feed intake.

It can be used for:

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